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A Premium Kindergarten for Developing Changemakers of The Future

We are a progressive early years centre nestled in Race Course, Coimbatore offering premium preschool education up to 6 years.

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    Inspiring, educating and nurturing growth in young learners

    We have adopted a research-based pedagogy and curriculum aligned with the best teaching methodologies from Harvard’s Early Childhood Education Research, best practices from experienced curriculum developers and our founders.

    A Premium Kindergarten for Developing Changemakers of The Future

    We have taken theories of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Universal Design for Learning, British Early Years Framework and a multi-age learning approach in designing the curriculum at Ruh Early Years.

    At Ruh, we have thoughtfully designed the learning spaces with the finest education architects to foster a learner-centred and inquiry-based play approach for our youngest citizens.

    Our expertly researched international kindergarten is designed perfectly with the best practices from around the world for young learners

    The Ruh Experience

    Our Curriculum

    Our Ruh Curriculum® is inspired by the best practices of early childhood education from around the world.We combine them with their unique child development activities to create a progressive and contemporary curriculum to shape our youngest citizens.

    Learning Experience

    Our early years learning facility was designed by an international team of education architects, with an aspiration to create a space that would contribute to the holistic growth of children’s minds and physical well-being.


    As an early learning community, we place emphasis on protecting our planet and keeping the environment in mind at the core of everything we do.

    Our Programs

    The Ruh Early Years,

    6 to 12 Months


    Designed for the smallest ones in our early years to encourage their natural curiosity.

    12 to 18 Months


    A program designed to jumpstart physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of toddlers.


    18 Months to 2.5Years


    Our Playgroup program is designed to encourage curiosity and eagerness to learn through creative methods such as art, music and sensory experiences.

    5 to 6 Years


    A program that builds emotional maturity, physical development, social and communication skills, focusing on building resilience to guide them into their next stage.

    4 to 5 Years


    This program focuses on children to develop their literacy skills and numeracy skills for laying a strong foundation.

    2.5 to 4 Years

    Pre Kinder

    The pre-kinder has Activities and experiences which are carefully thought through to meet individual children’s needs and abilities to further develop their knowledge and skills for a seamless transition.

    Nestled in the heart of the Coimbatore city

    Ruh Early Years is situated in Race Course - a prime heritage location with boundless stories of entrepreneurship, education, and culture. Its historical and noteworthy residents have made significant contributions to the development of the city.

    We can only better humanity through the child. We must realise that the child is the builder of the man.

    - Dr Maria Montessori

    The best of early childhood approaches and research-driven curriculum – at the Ruh Early Years, Coimbatore  – Benefit from the commitment of World-Class International Educators

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